2013 is just around the corner…

…Submit your book or manuscript for print or eBook publication with Blue Star Books. Our goal for next year is to publish 1,500 eBooks.

     Since 2010, Book Hub has succeeded in publishing eBooks and putting them before millions of book lovers on the internet. Book Hub’s goal is to provide profitable programs for authors and publishers through successful sales, creative marketing and efficient operations, aimed at national accounts. We help authors and publishers achieve their publishing goals by creating professionally designed and manufactured books and assisting in all tasks marketing and distributing. We value our publishers, and are dedicated and committed to customer service and customer satisfaction.

     Below, you will find a complete list of our services and descriptions of our most popular offers. Please keep in mind that while we offer publishing, marketing, and distribution packages, our services are available individually to better suit your needs.

Professional editing and proofreading       
* Book design and lithographic printing      
* eBook conversion 
* eBook format and upload  

Distribution to major accounts (Google, Apple, etc.)
* Title Management
* Seasonal catalogs
* Warehouse storage – pick, pack and ship
* Sales representations

Book reviews and contests
* Author tours and signings
* eMarketing campaigns                                                                  
* Representation at trade and consumer shows (BEA, ALA, Frankfurt Book Fair)                 

* Marketing and publicity programs           
* Mailings to thousands of media contacts      
* Advertising            
* YouTube video productions
* Search Engine Optimization
* Google AdWords
Services Also Include:
* Subsidiary rights agency    
* International licensing of book rights                
Take a moment to look over a list of our publishing, marketing and distribution packages. Remember, these services are available individually. Call or email your needs for individual pricing.

– Distribution
      We offer both print and eBook  distribution, and hold accounts with major buyers and retailers. See a breakdown of our distribution services in addition to our “What to Expect” guide.

– eBook Services
      Book Hub can make your books available to millions of readers throughout the world on iPod, iPad, Nook, Kobo, and other eReaders. We hold accounts with Google, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and many more major outlets and offer affordable, competitive prices for our clients. Let our eBook professionals handle the technical conversion and upload of your eBook. See our “What to Expect” eBook guide.

    Book Hub works by contract, looking to sign agreements with publishers that are committed to big design capabilities. Our contracts aim to give you the choice of an agreement suitable for your title and your publishing vision. Please email marketing@book-hub.com to receive these contracts and discuss what they entail.

    Please send a copy of your book or manuscript along with our submission form to:

Attn: Submissions Editor
903 Pacific Avenue, Suite 207-A
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

    Kindest Regards and Happy Holidays,

    The Book Hub Team




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Sure to keep you warm this holiday season…

Check out NY Times and USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Probst’s
hot new romance Heart of Steel!


Blue Star Books is pleased to announce this new title from Probst, whose recent series has reached top rankings on the NY Times and USA Today best sellers lists. Heart of Steel is an enjoyable read for all, especially readers of romance fiction and fans of Jennifer Probst.

See what others are saying:

– “A delightful, captivating romance, don’t miss. This is one story that will melt even the hardest of heart.” Romance Reviews Today / Joanne Holbrook

– “I thoroughly enjoyed the romance, the passion, and the frustrations penned by this talented author!” Round Table Reviews / Pam Bless

– “What a ride…a lovely romance made of passion, intrigue, and discovery, a story where even a heart of steel can melt when it gets to experience the reality of unconditional love.”
My Book Addiction Review


Available in print or as an eBook on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google and many other book and eBook retailers!

*This book is open for review! If you would like to review Heart of Steel and we will send you a free eBook!

‘Destiny’s Disguise’ by Candice Kohl

Blue Star Books is pleased to announce hot new historical romance Destiny’s Disguise by Candice Kohl, a must read by any fan of romance!

For more information or to order, email marketing@book-hub.com today!


Lord John, the earl of Farleigh—his giant frame scarred by battles fought as a mercenary knight—returns home to England to claim his unexpected inheritance. But now he must battle against the wicked baron Elwood of Eye and a woman with an inner strength to match his own who dares to love him.

A widow bitter toward men, Lady Gwyneth—her willfulness and deceit borne not of treachery—determines to save her younger sister from the formidable earl by wedding him herself.  Expecting nothing but cruelty at her husband’s hand, she is surprised to find herself the recipient of that which she has so often given, but never received: love. But Gwyneth has dark secrets that will inevitably be revealed—secrets that will test the strength of their love.




Available at all your favorite eBook retailers!


complete guideThe Complete Guide to Autism Treatments  by Dr. Sabrina Freeman.

( XAB Freeman 2007)

This book scrutinizes the range of treatment options offered to parents of children with autism so that parents can make sure that the treatment they have chosen for their child stands up to the claims made by the treatment provider. Pp. 509.

If available, this can be checked out from the resource room at no cost.

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Interview with author Dr. Thomas Lister – “Man’s Greatest Fear”

Book Hub Inc presents Issues and Ideas interview with author Dr. Thomas M. Lister about his award-winning title “Man’s Greatest Fear: The Final Phase of Human Evolution.”

This segment highlights environmental issues analyzed in Dr. Lister’s new book in relation to man’s  inherent desire for war and destruction.

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What We Do:

* professional editing and proofreading
* book design and lithographic printing
* eBook conversion
* eBook format and upload
* marketing and publicity programs
* subsidiary rights agency
* eMarketing campaigns
* distribution to major accounts (Google, Apple, etc.)
* YouTube video productions
* Search Engine Optimization
* Google AdWords
* book reviews and contests
* author tours and signings
* seasonal catalogs
* representation at trade and consumer shows (Book Expo
America, American Library Association and the world’s
largest book fair in Frankfurt, Germany)
* advertising
* mailings to thousands of media contacts

Visit our website or email marketing@book-hub.com for more information!