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Charles DuChamp is high-born, formidable, and in line to inherit Fielding Park upon the death of his older cousin—thus depriving the Fielding women of their secure home. That is, unless his cousins marry well, his fond hope. But his attention is captured not by the manor house and beautiful grounds, but by his sharp-witted, independent, and outrageously proud red-haired cousin, whose good esteem he finds far more precious and elusive as the high-stakes matrimonial games unfold.

Emily Fielding is not about to accept a distant cousin with welcoming arms, especially when one day he’ll give them all the boot. She is determined to trump his every card. But the game of love proves more surprising and dangerous than either can imagine. Despite her valiant protests and incorrigible behavior towards him, she finds love’s winning hand is not always expected—but can be triumphant.


I’m happy to report that…

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