Discover Charles W. Allen’s “The Gift: A True Story of Life, Death, and Trust”

Book Hub Announces Allyn House Publishing’s Touching Memoir “The Gift”

     Charles Allen, loving husband and father in a family of eight, shares his personal experience of conquering the heartache and tragedy of losing two children to cystic fibrosis, and both his oldest daughter and wife to cancer.
Through the details of Allen’s experiences of coping with the loss of four family members, it becomes clear how tragedy can become a powerful source of personal growth and how faith plays an important role in the trials and tribulations of life. Allen’s mourning culminates with the selfless gift given to him by his wife, Sue, as she struggles with her last breath.
Through touching personal journal entries and revealing narrative, ‘The Gift’ chronicles one man’s one man’s struggles with, and triumph over, loss and grief.

“Once in a great while, a story touches you so deeply that it changes you forever,
a timeless story that will never grow old.”

– Brian Carter, SunRise Publishing

Available at Kobo, Amazon, Nook, OmniLit, iTunes, and Google Books.
Coming soon to SONY and Gardners Books!

Spanish Version Coming Soon!!


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