Family Secrets- Candice Kohl

BOOK REVIEW of Candice Kohl’s “Family Secrets” by Dream Eras Book Reviews!

Dream Eras

family secrets

Esther Brown’s family is falling apart around her. Widowed and re-married with two daughters, Esther is unable to control her eldest daughter Geneva’s wayward ways and sends her to live in Ivy Glen with her sister Prudence and her husband, Brock Langtry. Esther’s attempt to find salvation for her child sets in motion a series of dramatic events that tests the bonds of one family as they discover ‘Family Secrets.’

     Kohl has delivered a magnificent novel in Family Secrets. It was a beautifully written novel that deserves recognition for the topic matter as well as the depth of the character’s and emotions within .The story encompasses the most important heartfelt emotions that each of us have experienced at one time or another. Her words spark the memory of a first love, the desire to belong unconditionally, forbidden love, and unavoidable heartbreak . She captures the overly charged emotions…

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