Backwards Bound Publishing Presents Adam Soul’s “Answer to the Riddle of 666”

“A thought-provoking book which seeks to give the readers a new take on the mark of the beast. It has certainly been well-researched, and Adam Soul has quoted from the bible to support his argument. . .”    – Lynn Evans

ImageAnswer to the Riddle of 666
Adam Soul

Today mankind stands at the crossroad between life and death . . .

     In his book, Adam Soul renders a compelling interpretation to the riddle of 666 that is based on science, the Bible, and common knowledge that the people of Earth have today. Soul shows how the answer is not about an antichrist, but is rather an ancient message sent to give mankind one last chance to survive the future. From this ancient message, Soul develops a simple 18-step plan for survival that he calls “The Vision of Backwards Bound.” Soul’s interpretation is not satanic in any way, but in the third part of his book, Adam Soul does make a plea to the religious realms to see the wisdom of the message in the riddle and to change accordingly. The verse begins with the words “Here is wisdom.”
Discover for yourself the wisdom of the riddle and the road to life for the future of all mankind.



4 thoughts on “Backwards Bound Publishing Presents Adam Soul’s “Answer to the Riddle of 666”

  1. Can someone please explain to me why there is an oil rig pictured on the cover? What does it have to do with the book? Is this one of the “crossroads” he is discussing?

    • Perhaps you could read the book to find out? The author takes the stance of examining the Book of Revelations to determine the riddle of 666. In his interpretation, the riddle is possibly a prophecy for the future of mankind. When looking at the planet’s fate, we see things like pollution, oil depletion, destruction of the environment, and out of control population numbers (that expedite these matters) as a source of our downfall. This is the connection between the cover and the book.

  2. Hello Ms. Rae, …. this is Adam Soul,
    When you realize the meaning of this interpretation you will be stunned with understanding. There are two beasts talked about in Revelation; the first beast and the second beast. The second beast’s number is 666. Now take a moment to consider our lives on this planet today and how dependent our lives are on oil. Could we survive if oil were suddenly taken away from us? Yet, at the same time our use of oil is literally destroying our planet. And, at the same time oil is providing us to live in artificial environments almost completely seperated from nature on a daily basis. Most people would not consider oil as a beast, but we are completely addicted to it and our lives depend upon our use of it. So our use of oil has made us like drug addicts addicted to a poison that is destroying our own lives. The numerical relation between oil and man is that we are both carbon based. We are both organic based on the carbon atom. The basis atom of the DNA molecule is carbon. Carbon is made from 6 protons, 6 neutrons, and 6 electrons. Oil and man have the same number. Oil is the second beast and that’s the reason for picture of the oil derrick on the book cover. …. Thanks for asking. A.S.


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