NEW RELEASE: Legendary Comic Book Artist Dame Darcy thrills with “Frightful Fairy Tales”

Sinister storytelling has never been so delightful!


Legendary comic book artist Dame Darcy delves deep into the cauldron of romantic horror with five haunting fables, each certain to entice you with enchanting damsels, charming lads and cads, and other beguiling characters. Each skillfully crafted tale is adorned with Darcy’s elaborate trademark illustrations, drawn in Victorian fashion, making this collection seem authentically from another era.

Detailed with alluring beauty, elegant imagination, and wicked humor, ‘Frightful Fairy Tales’ unleashes ghastly mortals from the dark closet into your subconscious.


This book is wonderful. Love, romance, lust, violence, horror, betrayal, mysticism, seduction, revenge, angst, twisted, wicked and jaw dropping. All of which describes the lovely Dame Darcy’s illustration and writing style. If you are into all of the above with a Victorian undertone you will love this book…
Bravo! I can’t wait till she releases another one.


Dame Darcy is the coolest illustrator and comic book artist working today, period. I’m so glad she’s branching out into book-sized books. This one makes a great gift for your favorite goth gal.


If you are a Meat Cake fan, then you will love this book. It has six original, “frightful” fairy tales that are very much in line with the rest of Dame Darcy’s work. If you are not familiar with Dame Darcy’s work, but love traditional Grimm-like fairy tales (a little disturbing, violent, and full of Gothic/Victorian charm) you will also enjoy this book. Aside from the wonderful stories, there is a generous amount of Dame Darcy’s artwork. Almost every page has a black-and-white side-sketch or full illustration. Be warned though, these tales are not for the faint-of-heart – some gruesome things do happen. The book is best read when you are alone in the house on a rainy day or up late-night by the fire.



Coming Soon to Sony, Google Play, and Gardners!



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