WANTED: Book Reviewers! Plus, FREE EBOOK!


To all you avid book reviewers out there, Book Hub Inc. Publishing is seeking book reviewers for a batch of new titles just published by a wide array of small publishers.

We are giving reviewers a FREE eBOOK of their choice, in exchange for an honest review of that book. Here’s how it works:

          1. Email marketing@book-hub.com
          2. We’ll send you a list of our books open for review.
          3. You tell us which one you want, and we’ll send you your free eBook!
          4. Once you read the book and write your review, email it back to us and we’ll post it – thousands of people will see your blog. It’s great for us, and it’s great for you – you get to widen your portfolio, you get material to blog about, and you get your book reviewing name out there!

Even if this our new titles don’t suit your fancy, we’ll keep your information on file and make sure you get something you will enjoy! (And get that free eBook.)


47 thoughts on “WANTED: Book Reviewers! Plus, FREE EBOOK!

  1. Just a quick question: are you okay with reviewers posting their reviews on their own blogs in addition to sending the reviews to be posted here? If so, then count me in 🙂

  2. I will try to write you tonight – I have a page on my blog where I showcase all the WordPress writers I’ve reviewed for, and I would love to review for you, too! 🙂

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  4. The more, the merrier, considering all of the range of fine reads and authors available today and their difficulty in finding an audience.
    For a while, it looked like book reviews themselves were a lost art. Newspapers were no longer covering anything but local authors, if that. And as I discovered with the 2005 release of my second novel as an early ebook offering, the online reviewers were considering only print editions.
    Looks like we’ve crossed the ridge, though, into a new world of epublishing.
    Here’s wishing you the best in finding passionate readers who can help encourage others to read more adventurously and more pleasurably.

  5. Hi, thanks for the follow. My writers blog was recognized by RandomizeME as book review blogger in 2010! Now, the site does reviews & author interviews. Will send email address.


  6. Thanks for choosing to follow my blog. I’ve checked out your site and am considering becoming a reviewer. I enjoyed finding out more about your blog site and your company. The titles you have look interesting. In addition to my blog I am currently working on two novels and a memoir.

    • Excellent! If you are interested, send an email to marketing@book-hub.com for more info.
      We hope you keep us in mind if you’re ever thinking of publishing your books as eBooks. We’re running a 25% off discount special on all our services right now until the end of June.

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  8. Thanks for following by blog. I’ve check out your site and considering becoming a reviewer, but currently snowed under with current projects.

  9. Thanks for checking out my blog, Visions and Revisions. I have done some book reviews before. It sounds like a good thing to do. I’ll be in touch when I have a little spare time. Do you have a lot of different genres of books to review?

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  11. Hi, thanks for following my blog – I’m starting to review books on health related to cfs and fibro. I’ll send you my details. If you like I can let you know when a new review is up on my blog!

  12. I’m interested, but I do have one question. What if I find a book flawed or unworthy of a reader’s time? Would you publish, or seek to prevent me from publishing, a negative review?

    • Well, what we do at Book Hub as part of our Book Review program is give reviewers a choice in the book they review. We have anywhere from 5 to 25 books open at any one time. this way, reviewers pick a book that they feel they might enjoy, rather than wasting their time reading and reviewing a book they don’t care for. We give choices to ensure that the book, at the very least, will be somewhat interesting and worthwhile. If you do choose a book that interests you, but find it to be too flawed or too unworthy of your time, you may stop reading anytime you like, and of course you aren’t obligated to provide a review or even finish the book. You may do whatever you wish with the review that you give. The decision to publish it or not is entirely up to you!

  13. Thank you for following my blog @ worldofmymae.wordpress.com. I’m delighted to visit your site, and lots of interesting reads. I’m interested to be part in book reviewers, that if you’re still accepting.

  14. Thanks for the follow, and I reciprocated. It looks great here on your site, and I look forward to more involvement with my soon to be released conspiracy novel by Black Opal Books. I have interviewed two authors in the last two months and reviewed a third one in August. It’s a little work, but it is really important work, and keeps us involved with each other.

  15. Will take some time to read through your material. Sounds like a fun forum for education and awareness. cleanfuture.biz


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