WRITERS AND AUTHORS WANTED: Book Hub Is Looking for Submissions!


We are looking to acquire new titles and authors for 2013.
If you are an emerging author and want to publish an eBook,
we encourage you to submit your work!

Book Hub Inc. is a mid-sized eBook publishing company based out of downtown Santa Cruz, California. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we have had momentum with the major national trade accounts and have successfully transitioned into ePublishing. We have nearly 30 publishers and over 200 titles in a variety of popular fiction and non-fiction categories. We hold accounts with all major eBook retailers including iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Google, Sony, Kobo, OmniLit, Gardners and many more throughout the world. 

Our mission is to provide profitable programs for authors and publishers through successful sales, creative marketing, and efficient operations aimed at national accounts. Here at Book Hub, we offer quality services at affordable prices, helping authors and publishers achieve their publishing goals by creating professionally designed eBooks and assisting in all tasks marketing and distributing. We value our writers and publishers, and are dedicated to customer service and customer satisfaction.

We publish all genres: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, popular culture, self-help, guide books/how-to, photo books, romance, education, spiritual, cooking, graphic novels, health and fitness, young adult, music, travel, etc.

We specialize in the following:

           * eBook publishing, including editing and book design
           * eBook formatting and conversion
           * eMarketing programs, including eCatalogs and book reviews
           * Sales operations and royalty reporting
           * eBook distribution to all major eBook retail accounts – Apple, Amazon, Sony, 
            Gardners Books, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble and many more around the world!


CLICK HERE to see a complete list of our services.


TO SUBMIT: Fill out our Submission Form and send electronically along with your manuscript to editor@book-hub.com or mail to:

Submissions Editor
Book Hub Inc.
903 Pacific Avenue, Suite 207-A
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

For more info or to speak with customer service, please call (831)466-0145.


14 thoughts on “WRITERS AND AUTHORS WANTED: Book Hub Is Looking for Submissions!

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    • For one, we have great customer service, and offer consulting services for authors that we work with. Ever tried to get Amazon on the phone? All joking aside, we are different from Amazon in that we do everything: editing, cover design, basic book production, eBook conversion, upload to all major accounts (iTunes, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Sony, and many more), worldwide distribution, eMarketing programs (which include services such as book reviews, social network marketing, mailings to thousands of media contacts, etc.), sales and royalty reporting. We also give our authors a larger share of royalties than most publishers. And to top it all off, our prices are much lower than other eBook publishers.
      Our costs for editing work in three ways, depending on the nature of your book, the extent to which it needs to be edited, and the length. We price editing at $.02 to $.04 per word, $45 per hour, or on a project specific basic. Our costs are much lower than anywhere else, but just as professional.

      • I checked the web site
        It looks like I would have to have my work accepted by you (the publisher)
        I’ve been down that road
        One rejection after another and I’m not going to waste time trying to get published I am going to self publish
        But I’ll keep you in mind for my second book unless you are offering a guarantee to choose my work ?

      • Very rarely do we reject books for publication. One thing that we also pride ourselves on is giving our authors and clients choices. Even if you’re just looking for something like editing or eBook conversion, you’re not bound by a contract, but we do offer contracts that for one set price includes everything–editing, cover design, conversion, upload to all major eBook retailers, marketing, and sales management. I would say about 95% of the books that come through the door, we publish. We also suggest to authors, whose work is below a certain standard or of a certain quality, that they edit their book or upgrade the cover if at first review it doesn’t seem on par. But in the end, we still publish it. Send an email to marketing@book-hub.com if you’d like some more information. They’d be more than happy to tell you more about what we can do for you!

      • We’d love to take a look at it, and at the very least we hope you’ll find at least one of our services that can be beneficial to you. We welcome submissions in all genres and writing styles and value our authors and writers. Good luck and thanks for contacting us!

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