How Are We Doing? Testimonials From Our Authors…

We’d like to take a moment of your time to share with you a few testimonials from our authors.

If you’re considering submitting your work to Book Hub for publication (we’re still looking for submissions in all genres – see blog post below for submission instructions), we hope that you’ll read the following testimonials.

We’d like to thank all of our authors, publishers, readers, and reviewers for their support and sense of community.  Always striving to provide the best possible services and a valuable resource to all, we’re so glad that we can be brought together in this new chapter of publishing and reading by a common interest: books!

    It has been a wonderful experience to have my books published through Book Hub, Inc.. Everyone involved was extremely helpful, competent, and responsible. My work received all the individual care and attention it needed, and then some!  The editors were very responsive to my needs by phone and e-mail; worked in a timely manner, and were not afraid to add their own creative ideas that enhanced my writing.  Every interaction with each person was enjoyable and productive. Book Hub has fantastic energy and I couldn’t imagine a better home for my books.

Dr. Linda Harper, Ph.D., author of Eat: A Guide to Discovering Your Natural Relationship with Food, and Give: A Guide to Discovering the Joy of Everyday Giving

     Book Hub has been extremely supportive in our writer/publisher relationship. Each person has been first class, always able to offer help and assistance when needed. I highly appreciate their professional communication skills that have been, to me, a much welcomed experience with a publishing company. Thank you, Book Hub. 

Elizabeth Taylor George, author of Knight’s Desire

After sitting on my novel ‘Fat Girl Fairy Boy’ for over a year, trying to figure out how to get attention to it and get it in the public eye, I found Book Hub Inc.   Although a small company by industry standards they are committed to their authors tirelessly, and do everything possible to advance their clients books in the marketplace.  Calls are returned, valuable recommendations are offered, and their knowledge in editing, book design and marketing make Book Hub a real go-to company for anyone looking for results in getting their work published and, importantly, sold.

Carol McConkie, author of Fat Girl Fairy Boy


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    Just “Shared” with my twitter author friends & on LinkedIn on all my Writer, Bloggers, Author Groups as well!! We all need to help one another in Networking 🙂 Author, Catherine Lyon 🙂


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