Burning Horse Media Presents Contemporary Fiction ‘All Change Please’ by Danielle West

ImageAll Change Please
Danielle West
Burning Horse Media, Inc.
$5.99, ISBN:9780985736132
Contemporary Fiction, Chick Lit, Humor

     All Change Please is a thought-provoking yet humorous look into the lives of three best friends, Ophelia, Kat and Elise, who simultaneously come to a crossroads. In an unexpected twist of fate, their lives are turned upside down when a close friend is suddenly killed, the impetus that will shake the women at their foundations. Together, they endure several months of sorrow and must decide what it is they need to do in order to get out of the hole that is their existence in London. Danielle West’s dark yet hilarious journey through sadness, drunken mischief, workplace revolt, marital turmoil, and in-law animosity isn’t just another story about life lessons.

*     *     *     *     *

Praise for All Change Please


The soul-searching, tear-producing angst experienced by these three friends is so potently explained by Ms. West that I was drawn into the book within the first 50 pages…I highly recommend this book. It is not only uplifting to read but will also prompt some soul-searching on the reader’s part. A great interactive experience…

                        -Jennifer Rozens


An enjoyable book to briefly escape the world…We can all relate…The humor was spot-on!

                        – Melanie Hays, Melanie’s Musings Book Reviews

* * * * *

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