A New Kind of “Diet”: Dr. Linda Harper’s ‘Eat: A Guide to Understanding Your Natural Relationship with Food’

     For over one hundred years, our culture has promoted dieting—with the goal of losing weight—as the acceptable way to eat. With this aim of weight loss, a diet determines your eating choices and in turn creates a thought system that prevents you from trusting your natural ability to make the right choices about eating. Our inner wisdom, or best self, quietly speaks to us through intuition, gut feelings, physical cravings and thoughts about the present moment, whereas beliefs focused on specific outcomes, such as weight loss-focused dieting, push their way to the forefront of our minds and block our ability to enjoy the present. The purpose of this book is to remove the barriers preventing you from accessing and trusting your own best self in choosing and creating each eating experience.
     ‘Eat’ provides the tools you need to remove the thoughts that are obstructing your inner wisdom and replace those thoughts with ones that will guide you back to everyday eating choices that stem from your best self. Linda R. Harper’s simple five-step guide will help you access your best self and discover your natural and healthy relationship with food, leaving the rules of dieting behind.


“The most inspirational book I have ever read!”

Instead of yet another fad diet, [Dr. Harper] introduces a method focused on teaching you how to throw away all of the diet rules and obsessions that you may not have even realized were running your life. She shows you how to look within yourself in order to find your “best self” and she gives you the tools necessary to rebuild your inner trust with food and eating. Rebuilding this trust is the key to finally achieving peace with food and becoming a “soulful” eater. I recommend this book to anyone struggling with dieting or facing a negative relationship with food; it will change how you feel about eating forever.  

 – Laura Graves, EmptySpoonful.com 

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Discover your natural, healthy relationship with food today!





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