The Delicious Recipe Book for Celiac Disease Called ‘The Celiac Cookbook’ By Blue Star Books

Satisfy Your Whole Family with Delicious and Nutritious Gluten-Free Recipes They’ll Love, Gluten Intolerant or Not!
Designed with the family in mind after years of perseverance in the kitchen, this collection of over 300 recipes offers delicious gluten-free foods without sacrificing flavor. The Celiac Cookbook uses simple recipes with common ingredients for both special occasions and everyday cooking. Variations on classic recipes—as well as traditional dishes—abound, giving those with gluten intolerance choices suited to the tastes of even the most discernible palates. This cookbook presents dishes inspired by Asian, Italian, and Mexican cuisine like frittatas, orange beef stir-fry, black bean enchiladas, and pizza, with desserts like apple pie, homemade ice cream, mints and much, much more, all without wheat! With The Celiac Cookbook, discover alternative grains that offer better nutritional content and added health benefits, gluten-free cooking tips, and baking aids. In addition, you’ll find helpful information about celiac disease and resources for the gluten intolerant.

ImagePublisher: Blue Star Book
ISBN-13(e-book): 9781938568329
Price: $9.99

Book Reviews:

“This is a cookbook for those who are on gluten-free diets. It begins with a wealth of information on facts, symptoms, associated conditions, and common misdiagnoses related to Celiac disease. Resources to support groups and organizations that can provide more information are included. To complete the information on Celiac disease is a thorough section on gluten-free grains and flour mixes with recipes for the mixes. I think this was an excellent cookbook. I would highly recommend this cookbook for everyone whether they require a gluten-free diet or not.”

– Kathryn Svendsen

“Cookbook:Wonderful Wheat-Free Recipes for the Whole Family can be used by vegetarians and vegans, as not only does it contain wheat-free recipes, some are egg and dairy free too.
Some of the recipes are new takes on traditional ones, while others are new. There are ideas for all courses including desserts, and they are deliciously mouth-watering!
I can wholeheartedly recommend this cookbook to everyone, as it is most informative as well as having some great recipes in it!”

-Lynne Evans


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The Amazing Tale of Being ‘Switched at Birth: My Life in Someone Else’s World’ by Fredrick J. George

Frederick George grew up in Dunedin, New Zealand where he attended an Irish Catholic school. At twenty-six, George joined the army and came to the U.S.A. where he met and married his wife. George has two children and a grandson and lives in Pembroke, Massachusetts.

Publisher: Frederick J. George Publishing
Publication Date: 4/17/2013
ISBN-13(e-book): 9780615796895
Price: $9.00

After inexplicably being placed in the wrong bassinet at the city hospital where I was born, I grew up with a nagging feeling of somehow not belonging, and a father who always suspected I was not his. I lived another’s life and he mine, our paths amazingly crossing throughout the years, until 57 years later I discovered the truth. This is the story of my life in someone else’s world, my quest for answers, and how I’ve come to terms with the hand which fate has dealt me.” – Fred George, Author. This is a story about two boys who, at birth, were inexplicably switched, a switch that would dramatically change the author’s life in every aspect—religion, ethnicity, economics, and culture. Time and time again, the two boys’ paths cross with one another’s before ultimately discovering, decades later, that they aren’t who they spent their whole lives believing they were. At 57, Fred George sees his birth family for the first time, recognizing in them his own mannerisms and traits. George’s retelling of his switch at birth is not so much an account of the switch itself, but rather the story of his life from birth to present with the George family. The story is interesting and insightful, complete with family photos that provide readers with an inside view of the culture and of the times of George’s life.


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Amazing Recipes In ‘Cooking with Fibromyalgia’ By Calvin Eaton

‘Cooking with Fibromyalgia’ offers simple, delicious, and healthy recipes incorporating minimal and whole ingredients for those suffering from chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and other illnesses.
Throughout the book, author Calvin Eaton outlines strategies that he uses as a cook living with a chronic illness to maximize his time, energy, and resources while in the kitchen. His recipes include gluten and dairy free recipes that are both healthy and easy to prepare.

Publisher: Living with Fibro Press
Publication Date: 8/15/2013
ISBN-13(e-book): 9781490408958
Price: $4.99

Calvin Eaton is a twenty-seven-year-old special educator and writer. He was born in Lockhart, Texas, and raised in Rochester, New York. In the fall of 2010, he was diagnosed with the debilitating illnesses of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Since then, he has made it his life’s mission to raise awareness and public understanding of chronic pain, and other “invisible” illnesses.
Currently residing in Nashville, Tennessee, Calvin is a vegan, and gluten-free “foodie,” who enjoys cooking, baking, running, and swimming as often as his health permits.
Follow his incredible journey on his blog at:


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The Tale of ‘One Christian’s Perspective of Man’s Dilemma God’s Solution’ By Steve Lampman

It was by the grace of God that Steve was brought to a saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Steve became a Christian on November 17, 1961 when as a young marine on liberty he came upon a street meeting held by Open Air Campaigners for Christ in the city of Los Angeles, California. For the remaining three years of his enlistment after coming to faith, Steve immersed himself in various books and studies concerning his relationship with Christ. During those three years, he worshiped in Los Angeles and was discipled by three families who were members of Granada Heights Friends Church and nurtured his faith. To these three families he will forever be grateful. Those three years were a tremendous blessing to Steve, and it was the foundation gained in those three years that sustained him through several tumultuous years during which he walked away from a faithful walk with the Lord and lived as a prodigal son.

Publisher: Lampman Press
Publication Date: 4/1/2013
ISBN-13(e-book): 9780979901409
Price: $7.00

Many people today would list many different things as being man’s dilemma—such things as health problems, unemployment, poverty, crime, war, and so on. Each, of course, is a problem found in every society, excluding none. One could say man’s dilemma is universal and they would be correct. However, each of the things listed above are actually the result of man’s dilemma, not the cause. The cause is found in man’s depravity. In that depravity, every un-regenerated human being sets his own standard as to his or her conduct of life. Man has rejected the absolute standard of his creator and as a result is alienated toward not only God, but from one another. Man has no solution for this and therein lays the dilemma. God, on the other hand, has the solution; it is found in His provision, the Lord Jesus Christ. In the pages of this work the author considers man’s dilemma God’s solution from eleven different perspectives. Each chapter is a study in itself but fits nicely as one completed work.


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BOOK REVIEW: Gail Briggs Nolen’s “Memories of Merritt Island: Birthplace of Ken

Memories of Merritt Island_Cover

Gail Briggs Nolen offers an intimate portrayal of her two bloodlines in Memories of Merritt Island: Birthplace of Kennedy Space Center. This story of Merritt Island is recounted through the lives of the Benecke-Briggs family.

Briggs Nolen shares the triumphs and failures of the homesteading lifestyle that was prevalent throughout Merritt Island. This rich history is brought to life with love letters, family photographs, government records, maps, and news articles. We learn about the struggles of a young German immigrant who yearns for financial stability and the warmth of his distant lover, become acquainted with the brave Aunt “alligator Lena,” and even told about the great family piano that not even Liberace could buy. The reader travels straight through this family’s lineage up until the eventful moment when their dreams were dashed by the United States government. Progress demanded change. John F. Kennedy ushered in the age of space exploration. Merritt Island was the location of choice.

Memories of Merritt Island is definitely a successful endeavor at passing on a special family heritage. The sentiments of the individuals who enjoyed the island before the Kennedy Space Center are quite clear. This historical piece is a gentle reminder that legacies are built on hard work, dedication, and ingenuity. Land lovers, adventurers, and history buffs can appreciate this work.

Kadier C. Carter, J.D.

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