Book Hub Inc – Sony Announces Termination of the SonyReader Catalog

Book Hub has received several emails today with the following announcement:


February 6, 2014

Subject: Future of Reader Store

 To Our Valued Publishing Partners: 

Today Sony announced its intent to close its Reader Store service in the U.S. and Canada and transfer customers to Toronto-based eReading company Kobo.  We strongly believe that the decision to transfer customers to Kobo will enable customers to continue to enjoy a high quality customer experience. As a result of this change, we will be terminating purchase functionality from the Reader Store service in the U.S. and Canada on March 20, 2014, and phasing out our service. 

 In order to enable our customers to continue their digital reading experience, we will offer customers the ability to transfer their libraries over to a Kobo account, to the extent that the content exists in Kobo’s catalog. In late March, our customers will receive a notification from us with a tokenized link to enable this transfer.

 After the store closes, customers will continue to be able to open, manage, and read their locally stored Reader Store eBook content on their existing Reader devices and applications. Until about May 15, 2014, we will allow customers to re-download all their purchased eBooks from Reader Store. 

 From now thru March 20, we will continue to process metadata updates that you send to us. We will, however, cease to process or add any new content from you to our catalog. Kindly notify your production or operations teams of this change. You will receive a final sales statement for your sales at Reader Store in April 2014.

 Thank you for being such a loyal partner over the years and for your continued support as we work to complete this transition with as little disruption to our customer base as possible.


 Your Reader Store team


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