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Book Hub Highest Recommendation — Man’s Greatest Fear: The Final Phase of Human Evolution

Available At: Amazon Bookstore

Man’s Greatest Fear states that man’s brain has not changed in over 45,000 years; moreover, his level of testosterone (the hormone of aggression) has not diminished either. Man’s biological purpose has been to conquer his environment; to make it safer for his mate and their offspring. However, this obsession has driven man to the brink of World War III and, simultaneously, fuels his relentless destruction of his environment. Albert Einstein warned, “We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive.” Only woman, whose biological purpose is the creation of life, is capable of that “new manner of thinking.” Instinctively, man fears this “final phase of human evolution” which is why he has always dominated woman. Subconsciously, man understands the wisdom of Socrates: “Woman, once made equal to man, becomes his superior.”



Author: Thomas M. Lister

ISBN: 978-0-9839916-1-8

Category: Psychology/Gender Studies

Price: $14.95

Available At: Amazon Bookstore

Biography: Before retiring in 2010, Thomas M. Lister has worked as a hospital psychologist, a community college counselor and a psychology instructor. He earned his BA degree in psychology and physical education at CSU Sacramento, an MS degree from Wright-State University, Dayton, Ohio, and his Ed.D. in Educational Psychology from the University of South Dakota. While serving four years in the USAF as a medic during the Vietnam War, he was introduced to the theories of Sigmund Freud by his mentor, psychiatrist William H. Egan, M.D., upon which much of his book is based. In addition to Man’s Greatest Fear, he also wrote the fiction novel Massacre at Pilgrim’s Pass, the crisis intervention training manual To Care Is Not Enough, and the management skills manual I’d Understand You If You’d Just Make Sense. He has also written two screenplays: Massacre at Pilgrims’ Pass and The Commitment. He is presently developing a non-profit organization called GLOW, or God Loves Old Women, that will serve the homeless in the Ukraine.

Man’s Greatest Fear: The Final Phase of Human Evolution (Second Edition)

Clarion Review

What does man fear most? What insecurities lead him to pursue, conquer, and destroy other men, new territories, and even his own environment? Thomas M. Lister believes that one force lies beneath many of man’s most destructive activities: fear of women. In Man’s Greatest Fear, Lister uses Freudian psychoanalytic theory to explain how men react to the natural life-giving power of women and what that means for the world.

Sigmund Freud has been criticized for disparaging women, minimizing their complaints with labels like “hysteria” and “penis envy.” Lister, a student of psychoanalytic theory since his years serving as a medic in the Vietnam War, turns Freud’s characterization inside out. In Lister’s estimation, it is instead men who suffer from a form of womb envy, borne of the knowledge that “Woman, with very little input from man (one sperm) is the personification of God on earth.”

Faced with women’s awe-inspiring ability to create life, Lister suggests, men feel insignificant. Men also find themselves overpowered by their sexual attraction to women. The combination, posits Lister, induces men to subjugate women and live lives of glory on the battlefield, or in the boardroom, to prove their own worth.

Lister’s historical knowledge is vast, and he supplies examples from a variety of eras and cultures to support his argument. He speaks with authority on everything from early man’s biological imperative to control and conquer his environment to modern man’s global territorial battles, our world wars. This second edition of Man’s Greatest Fear brings the examples up-to-date, including the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as man’s apparent war against the environment.

In some chapters, Lister’s ticker tape of man’s mistakes steals the spotlight, momentarily losing the thread of his Freudian analysis and taking on the tone of a political opinion piece. For instance, in the chapter on leadership, Lister expounds upon the growing income disparity in the United States, the “PAC-rigged” political system, and the “hypocrisy of the Republican elite.” He offers his observations as proof of corruption in a male-dominated leadership structure, but they might be more effective if less politically biased.

Addressing the changes needed in the future, Lister repeatedly quotes Albert Einstein’s statement that it “will take a whole new manner of thinking for mankind to survive.” To that end, he offers a 28-point plan aimed at changing the political landscape from a male to a female perspective. This includes scenarios like electing a female president, protecting women’s reproductive rights, and shifting to sustainable energy sources.

Well-documented, thorough, and provocative, Man’s Greatest Fear suggests that we look carefully at the way our society treats men and women. Much like an individual might uncover repressed memories on the psychologist’s couch, society can become aware of its essential conflicts. By making the subconscious conscious, on a global scale, Lister suggests we can heal the world.

Sheila M. Trask
August 21, 2012 

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Book Hub, Inc.

Do you live in California in the Santa Cruz, Los Gatos or Monterey Bay area? Would you like to work in publishing? Book Hub Inc. has both volunteer and paid positions available for those who qualify.


Our current openings are as follows:

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Critically Acclaimed: “Bound to Die” by Anna Flowers, Keeps on Selling

For True Crime Readers, The Numbers Tell the Story, Click Through to Buy Below!

Bound to Die is the true crime story of Florida serial killer Bobby Joe Long, who was convicted of the heinous killings of nine women in 1984 in the Tampa Bay area. The first body of 19-year-old disco dancer Lana Long was found in a field on Mother’s Day with her legs grotesquely ripped apart. Six months later, the bloody rampage ended when the ninth victim was discovered. All had been tortured with ropes and savagely beaten and raped. The killer’s confession of his crimes is haunting. The vividly rendered results of his trials and appeals are equally shocking.

First published by Kensington, NY in 1995, Bound to Die was internationally recognized. It received seven mass media printings and was issued in hardback as a Doubleday Mystery Guild Book Club selection. This second edition features a new foreword on a capital case which is still considered a definitive example of excellent police detection before DNA.

Multiple television presentations have been made based on this book, some including the author’s participation. Shortly after first publication, a documentary based on the case was shown on Medical Detective that aired sporadically for years. In 2012, this story became the pilot for the new show Killer Profile on the Biography Channel.


Anna Flowers
 is an award winning author of four true crime books: Blind Fury, Bound to Die, Murder at Wayside Antiques, and Wanton Woman: Sue Logue, Strom Thurmond and the Bloody Logue -Timmerman Feud. She has been a member of Mystery Writers of America for twenty years, where she served as Director of the Florida Chapter, and was a member of the prestigious national committee for selection of Best Novel at the Edgar Alan Poe Awards held annually in New York City. She also served as Cape Canaveral President of the National League of American Pen Women and is a member of the National Association of Professional Women. She has a son, Dr. Benjamin Brotemarkle, Director of the Florida Historical Society and a daughter, Judge Belle Brotemarkle Schumann.

Read more about Anna Flowers at


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Blackwell’s Bookshop

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New Release: “Dirt” by Tony Doris – Selling like wildfire on Amazon

Catch the fire, buy this powerful political mystery novel NOW

During a chance night shift on the cops beat, newsroom assistant Madeleine Harrington stumbles on the corruption story of a lifetime – a plot that would reshape the entire city. She teams up with her dad, a downtrodden columnist at the paper, to unearth the mystery. The muckrakers find the plot goes deeper – and contains more skeletons among the city’s powerbrokers – than they imagined.


ISBN: 978-0-9911254-1-8

Price: $3.99

Category: Fiction/Mystery/Political Curruption

Biography: Tony Doris is a longtime South Florida journalist. He has investigated corruption and reported on government, real estate and the law and disorder that passes for reality in the over-baked region. He grew up, though not as much as he would have liked, in New York, Boston and Brussels, Belgium, and has also lived in New Haven, Conn.; Clearwater, Fla.; and Tahiti, French Polynesia. An English major at Franklin & Marshall College, he received a master’s in print journalism from Boston University.

Available at: 

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New Release: Birds of Spirit – A Novel of Intrigue

 Birds of Spirit is a novel about love of land and family, betrayal and hope in an increasingly destructive world.  Amie  Fotheringay, a widow with a child, is determined to nurture her husband’s memory and her child back to health.  When Amie and David Fochs enter the spirit world, the betrayals are avenged, and Amie Fotheringay Fochs is revealed as the archangel of judgment in heaven and on earth.


 ISBN: 978-0-9895694-5-3

Price: $3.99

Format: eBook

Category: Fiction/Mystery

Biography:  Terry Wiemuth Michelsen is the author of Soaring on Wings of Word (April, 2012), her debut book of poetry. Her poetry has been published in Mused-Bella Online Literary Review. Her debut semi-autobiographical memoir, Raging River, was also published in 2012. Her historical scholarship was published in Women Building Chicago 1790-1990 (2001), edited by Shultz and Hast, and was cited in Good Hearts (2006) by Suellen Hoy. Her book reviews on academic advising have been published in NACADA.

Order Today At:

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iTunes          GooglePlay          Samsung

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Review Announcement: Silver Pages on the Lawn by Nora Percival – Reviewer: Debra Mauldin

Master BH BlueLogo JPEG

Silver Pages on the Lawn : A Student Love Story of the Depression Years of the 1930s

By: Nora Lourie Percival
I enjoyed Nora Lourie Percival’s memoir of college life in the 1930′s and her account of finding true love that endures many hardships. The couple are forced to keep their love a secret; Nora’s Jewish father does not approve of her relationship with a Gentile. The stress of the couples’ lives, attending college, finding places to meet, and often living miles apart, leave Nora dealing with severe bouts of anemia and Herman, her lover, with severe bouts of depression.
The couple are forced to communicate by writing letters to each other. Herman, who is a poet, writes dramatic and poetic letters. Nora often finds herself having to keep Herman’s spirit up through her letters. Herman has many doubts, but Nora is determined that their love will carry them through the hardships and they would have a life together, once she graduates college.
‘Silver Pages on the Lawn’ is based on the couples’ letters to each other. Nora Lourie Percival writes a poignant story of love and shares her precious letters with the world.
I recommend this book to all readers of history, a good love story, and the one’s who enjoy reading memoirs.


 ISBN:  9781595130105

Category: Historic Memoir, Romance

Price: $5.95

Nora Lourie Percival was born just after World War I in Samara on the Volga River in Russia. The revolution drove her father out of the country to safety, and her family lived through a civil war and a famine. These tribulations were recorded in “Weather of the Heart,” her first memoir. In 1922, the family was reunited in New York, where Nora grew up. The author’s career has been largely in the editorial field. She has worked for Random House, the American Management Association, and Barnard College. Now long retired, she is still writing and working as a freelance editor. An only child, she has raised five children and now has eleven grandchildren. She lives in the mountains of North Carolina, where she enjoys the natural beauty and is inspired by the literary renaissance in the South.

Read more about the life of Nora Percival at:


Purchase the Silver Pages on the Lawn today at:

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New Release: North Carolina Crime Mystery “Birds of Spirit – A Novel of Intrigue” by Terry Michelsen

Description:  When the ghosts gather on Fotheringay Mountain, Birds of Spirit brilliantly engages the reader through the challenges faced by its unforgettable characters. Birds of Spirit is Terry Michelsen’s debut novel and reveals her extraordinary wit and talent for intrigue and compassion.  Compelling and forceful, Birds of Spirit is the perfect choice for any book club.



Category: Fiction – Mystery/Thriller

eBook Price: $3.99

Biography:Terry Wiemuth Michelsen is the author of Soaring on Wings of Word (April, 2012), her debut book of poetry. Her poetry has been published in Mused-Bella Online Literary Review. Her debut semi-autobiographical memoir, Raging River, was also published in 2012. Her historical scholarship was published in Women Building Chicago 1790-1990 (2001), edited by Shultz and Hast, and was cited in Good Hearts (2006) by Suellen Hoy. Her book reviews on academic advising have been published in NACADA

Read more about Terry Michelsen live at: Terry Michelsen or at


Purchase this great true story today at: 

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