Tony Doris’s New Book “Dirt” – Selling like wildfire on All the Stores

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During a chance night shift on the cops beat, newsroom assistant Madeleine Harrington stumbles on the corruption story of a lifetime – a plot that would reshape the entire city. She teams up with her dad, a downtrodden columnist at the paper, to unearth the mystery. The muckrakers find the plot goes deeper – and contains more skeletons among the city’s powerbrokers – than they imagined.

ISBN: 978-0-9911254-1-8

Price: $3.99

Category: Fiction/Mystery/Political Curruption

Biography: Tony Doris is a longtime South Florida journalist. He has investigated corruption and reported on government, real estate and the law and disorder that passes for reality in the over-baked region. He grew up, though not as much as he would have liked, in New York, Boston and Brussels, Belgium, and has also lived in New Haven, Conn.; Clearwater, Fla.; and Tahiti, French Polynesia. An English major at Franklin & Marshall College, he received a master’s in print journalism from Boston University.

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Critically Acclaimed: “Bound to Die” by Anna Flowers, Keeps on Selling

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Bound to Die is the true crime story of Florida serial killer Bobby Joe Long, who was convicted of the heinous killings of nine women in 1984 in the Tampa Bay area. The first body of 19-year-old disco dancer Lana Long was found in a field on Mother’s Day with her legs grotesquely ripped apart. Six months later, the bloody rampage ended when the ninth victim was discovered. All had been tortured with ropes and savagely beaten and raped. The killer’s confession of his crimes is haunting. The vividly rendered results of his trials and appeals are equally shocking.

First published by Kensington, NY in 1995, Bound to Die was internationally recognized. It received seven mass media printings and was issued in hardback as a Doubleday Mystery Guild Book Club selection. This second edition features a new foreword on a capital case which is still considered a definitive example of excellent police detection before DNA.

Multiple television presentations have been made based on this book, some including the author’s participation. Shortly after first publication, a documentary based on the case was shown on Medical Detective that aired sporadically for years. In 2012, this story became the pilot for the new show Killer Profile on the Biography Channel.

coverAnna Flowers is an award winning author of four true crime books: Blind Fury, Bound to Die, Murder at Wayside Antiques, and Wanton Woman: Sue Logue, Strom Thurmond and the Bloody Logue -Timmerman Feud. She has been a member of Mystery Writers of America for twenty years, where she served as Director of the Florida Chapter, and was a member of the prestigious national committee for selection of Best Novel at the Edgar Alan Poe Awards held annually in New York City. She also served as Cape Canaveral President of the National League of American Pen Women and is a member of the National Association of Professional Women. She has a son, Dr. Benjamin Brotemarkle, Director of the Florida Historical Society and a daughter, Judge Belle Brotemarkle Schumann.

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Book Hub Highest Recommendation – Journey of Promise: West From Sempringham By Charles W. Allen

Book Description:

What did Thomas Jefferson believe about the divine purpose of the United States of America? What compelling role did the Puritans play in setting the stage for the American Revolution? What profound affect did Native Americans have on the forming of our constitution? All of these questions and much more are answered in this fascinating work. Little known information is contained within these pages about the beginnings of our country through the founding of the Massachusetts Bay Company in Sempringham, England.
Journey of Promise covers the highlights of events that led to Puritan England and New England, and ultimately the founding of the United States of America. Included are several short biographies of key Puritans including Henry Dunster, first President of Harvard University, Anne Bradstreet, first American poet and elect lady, and John Elliott, apostle to the Native Americans.
Charles also sheds light on four of our founding fathers, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Benjamin Franklin and their religious beliefs and influences on our nation.
If you want to learn detailed knowledge about the people who founded and believed in this nation that is not taught in schools and is not widely published, this book is a valuable addition to your personal library.

Author: Charles W. Allen

ISBN:  978-0-9719132-9-5

Category: American History, Non Fiction

Price: $6.00

Author Biography:

The late Charles W. Allen was an intense researcher and studied for over 25 years the people called Puritans. Having several ancestors from this group, he was fascinated by their affect on the founding of America and the role their descendants played in the Revolutionary period of the United States. Charles was a well-known wood worker, spending many years of his life crafting restoration windows and doors for the pre-Civil War period using square peg mortise and tenon joinery. He grew up in Spokane, Washington and also lived in Cameron, Missouri and Nauvoo, Illinois. He was the father of 6 children.

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New Release: Texas-Land of the Big Hair – Big Money Divorce Texas Style!

Book Description:

Recently divorced and wealthy, a middle aged woman navigates the unfriendly and competitive world of big money in Texas in search of love.

This story of love and redemption set in the world of Texas Big Money will make you laugh out loud and give you a moment of perspective. Even the rich have their troubles.

Sonya Book Cover-final5


Author: Sonya Bernhardt

ISBN:  978-1-938568-44-2

Category: FICTION , General

Price: $3.00

Author Biography:

Native Texan Sonya Bernhardt lived in River Oaks, traveled the world, made documentary films, and lived life according to her fictional heroine, Auntie Mame. Down to her last million, she decided to write this book based upon ten days from her journal, which she still keeps daily.


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