New Release – Green Morality

Book Description:

Green Morality, renowned environmental columnist’s Edward Flattau’s fourth book, is a thorough and timely exploration of mankind’s moral obligation to create an environmentally sustainable global society. Along the way, he confronts moral hypocrisy, failed environmental movements and policies, globally disastrous scenarios, and reckless endangerment of the world’s species. The exploration of destructive and immoral environmental behavior includes coverage of numerous often little publicized actions that have adversely affected humanity and lower life forms. To avoid ultimate wholesale, permanent environmental destruction, Flattau advocates a major realignment of our value system and economic infrastructure, all in the name of creating an environmentally, economically sustainable society. Crossing political and cultural boundaries, Flattau portrays environmentalism as a universal moral imperative that every person has a duty to uphold, not only for the salvation of the modern society, but for the entire planet. Flattau presents an analysis of environmentalism’s current situation and its history throughout the twentieth century uncovering the devastation committed by individuals, corporations and governments to the world’s species and fellow humans. In the process, he demonstrates how these destructive actions conflict with the very values that the offending parties espouse. Flattau delivers starkly eminent solutions to avert environmental destruction that require a re-alignment of modern society’s value system and economic structure, transcending historical, political or institutional obligations.
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Author: Edward Flattau

ISBN:  978-0-9821419-5-3


Price: $9.99

Author Biography:

Ed Flattau was born in New York City and graduated from Brown University in 1958. He left Columbia Law School after two years to begin his journalist career as a general assignment reporter in the Albany, N.Y. United Press International Bureau. In 1964, he became a political correspondent for UPI in New York State where he covered the legislature and Governor Rockefeller. Three years later, he transferred to UPI’s Washington bureau where his beat included congress, various federal agencies and on occasion, the White House. In the spring of 1972, Stewart Udall, former interior secretary under President Kennedy, was impressed enough with Flattau’s freelance environmental writing to choose Ed to succeed him as author of the country’s first nationally syndicated environmental column. Flattau is the author of Tracking the Charlatans (Global Horizons Press, 1998), which received excellent reviews and has been widely circulated in environmental and academic circles. The book rebuts ultra-conservative and Libertarian critics of mainstream environmentalism. His second book, Evolution of a Columnist, was published in 2003 and also garnered excellent reviews. In 2004, his third book, Peering Through the Bushes, a cutting critique of George W Bush’s environmental record, was published and accurately anticipated the President’s future actions.
The Washington-based Flattau’s column has appeared in as many as 120 daily newspapers at various times during the past three decades. He has won ten national journalism awards, reported from five different continents, and covered the key issues and principle figures associated with modern day environmentalism. Flattau is married and the father of two children. He has lived in the nation’s capital for the past 40 years.


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