New Release – How to Be Alone Without Feeling Lonely

Book Description:

Even though there are handicaps to living or being alone, it is possible to be alone and be well adjusted and we show you how to do that in this book.
The road we want to travel in life is to see ourselves as an extension or a child of the Divine. If we could stay in that role for one hour a day, we would see ourselves as unlimited in our ability to manifest anything we desire: perfect health, an ideal career, loving relationships, abundance, prosperity, harmony, peace, no conflict, tension, anxiety or stress.

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Author: Ida Greene, PhD

ISBN:  978-1-881165-27-9

Category: Self Help/Relationship/Grief

Price: $3.99

Author Biography:

Dr. Ida Greene is a Relationship Expert, who helps people have more fulfilling, loving and blissful relationships. She is also a Motivational Speaker, Intuitive Energy Healer, Hypnotherapist, Marriage, Family, Child Therapist, Ordained Minister, and Executive Director of Our Place whose mission is to end violence and abuse. She Ida is the author of 20 life changing books, motivational audio cassettes, and CD’s.

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