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Man’s Greatest Fear states that man’s brain has not changed in over 45,000 years; moreover, his level of testosterone (the hormone of aggression) has not diminished either. Man’s biological purpose has been to conquer his environment; to make it safer for his mate and their offspring. However, this obsession has driven man to the brink of World War III and, simultaneously, fuels his relentless destruction of his environment. Albert Einstein warned, “We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive.” Only woman, whose biological purpose is the creation of life, is capable of that “new manner of thinking.” Instinctively, man fears this “final phase of human evolution” which is why he has always dominated woman. Subconsciously, man understands the wisdom of Socrates: “Woman, once made equal to man, becomes his superior.”



Author: Thomas M. Lister

ISBN: 978-0-9839916-1-8

Category: Psychology/Gender Studies

Price: $14.95

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Biography: Before retiring in 2010, Thomas M. Lister has worked as a hospital psychologist, a community college counselor and a psychology instructor. He earned his BA degree in psychology and physical education at CSU Sacramento, an MS degree from Wright-State University, Dayton, Ohio, and his Ed.D. in Educational Psychology from the University of South Dakota. While serving four years in the USAF as a medic during the Vietnam War, he was introduced to the theories of Sigmund Freud by his mentor, psychiatrist William H. Egan, M.D., upon which much of his book is based. In addition to Man’s Greatest Fear, he also wrote the fiction novel Massacre at Pilgrim’s Pass, the crisis intervention training manual To Care Is Not Enough, and the management skills manual I’d Understand You If You’d Just Make Sense. He has also written two screenplays: Massacre at Pilgrims’ Pass and The Commitment. He is presently developing a non-profit organization called GLOW, or God Loves Old Women, that will serve the homeless in the Ukraine.

Man’s Greatest Fear: The Final Phase of Human Evolution (Second Edition)

Clarion Review

What does man fear most? What insecurities lead him to pursue, conquer, and destroy other men, new territories, and even his own environment? Thomas M. Lister believes that one force lies beneath many of man’s most destructive activities: fear of women. In Man’s Greatest Fear, Lister uses Freudian psychoanalytic theory to explain how men react to the natural life-giving power of women and what that means for the world.

Sigmund Freud has been criticized for disparaging women, minimizing their complaints with labels like “hysteria” and “penis envy.” Lister, a student of psychoanalytic theory since his years serving as a medic in the Vietnam War, turns Freud’s characterization inside out. In Lister’s estimation, it is instead men who suffer from a form of womb envy, borne of the knowledge that “Woman, with very little input from man (one sperm) is the personification of God on earth.”

Faced with women’s awe-inspiring ability to create life, Lister suggests, men feel insignificant. Men also find themselves overpowered by their sexual attraction to women. The combination, posits Lister, induces men to subjugate women and live lives of glory on the battlefield, or in the boardroom, to prove their own worth.

Lister’s historical knowledge is vast, and he supplies examples from a variety of eras and cultures to support his argument. He speaks with authority on everything from early man’s biological imperative to control and conquer his environment to modern man’s global territorial battles, our world wars. This second edition of Man’s Greatest Fear brings the examples up-to-date, including the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as man’s apparent war against the environment.

In some chapters, Lister’s ticker tape of man’s mistakes steals the spotlight, momentarily losing the thread of his Freudian analysis and taking on the tone of a political opinion piece. For instance, in the chapter on leadership, Lister expounds upon the growing income disparity in the United States, the “PAC-rigged” political system, and the “hypocrisy of the Republican elite.” He offers his observations as proof of corruption in a male-dominated leadership structure, but they might be more effective if less politically biased.

Addressing the changes needed in the future, Lister repeatedly quotes Albert Einstein’s statement that it “will take a whole new manner of thinking for mankind to survive.” To that end, he offers a 28-point plan aimed at changing the political landscape from a male to a female perspective. This includes scenarios like electing a female president, protecting women’s reproductive rights, and shifting to sustainable energy sources.

Well-documented, thorough, and provocative, Man’s Greatest Fear suggests that we look carefully at the way our society treats men and women. Much like an individual might uncover repressed memories on the psychologist’s couch, society can become aware of its essential conflicts. By making the subconscious conscious, on a global scale, Lister suggests we can heal the world.

Sheila M. Trask
August 21, 2012 

Reviewer Highly Recommends ‘The Whirligig of Time’, Buy Online Now!

Review Highly Recommends Historic Novel: The Whirligig of Time Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed Nora Lourie Percival’s memoir of Civilian Life in America during World War II. Along with learning about life during War Time, I learned more about immigration during those times. In ‘The Whirligig of Time’, Nora Lourie Percival does a great job of pulling the reader into her story. I felt like I was right there, grieving during loss, wringing my hands in trying times, and enjoying life ever chance the author received. In this historical memoir, one learns that life was hard and everyone worked together toward the common good. They lived hard, loved hard, and worked hard; taking enjoyment in whatever form it came from. I highly recommend this book to those who love history, those who need to learn the lessons of living in War Time, and to those who enjoy a good read. Debra Mauldin


ISBN:  9781466427136

eBook Price: $5.95

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CALLING ALL REVIEWERS – Weather of the Heart



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Weather of the Heart:

A Child’s Journey Out of Revolutionary Russia

Nora Lourie Percival


Publisher:  Kent Hollow Press / High Country Publishers

ISBN-13 (eBook):  9780971304598

Price: $5.95

Publication Date:  March 1, 2014

Shelving Category: BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Personal Memoirs

Publisher’s Website:

Hometown: Vilas, NC

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Description: All through her long busy life in America, Nora Percival felt impelled to learn about the family she’d left behind in Samara, the city on the Volga where she was born. After glasnost she was finally able to go there and find the places, though not the people, of her youth.

Her search resurrected childhood memories of revolution, civil war, famine and exile, which she felt impelled to share, “to speak for so many others who have silently endured the loss of all they valued.”

In her book the reader will meet the extended family who faced many trials in those chaotic years, and will be moved by their steadfast togetherness through want and woe. The reader will share the love and courage that sustained them and helped them survive hunger and despair, the humor that cheered dreary days and the strength that carried them through affliction and calamity. Readers will cry over their sorrows and enjoy their small triumphs, and they will live again in memory.

Biography:  Nora Lourie Percival was born just after World War I in Samara on the Volga River in Russia. The revolution drove her father out of the country to safety, and her family lived through a civil war and a famine. These tribulations were recorded in “Weather of the Heart,” her first memoir. In 1922, the family was reunited in New York, where Nora grew up. The author’s career has been largely in the editorial field. She has worked for Random House, the American Management Association, and Barnard College. Now long retired, she is still writing and working as a freelance editor. An only child, she has raised five children and now has eleven grandchildren. She lives in the mountains of North Carolina, where she enjoys the natural beauty and is inspired by the literary renaissance in the South.

Comparative Titles (

Stritzke, Ilse. Nightmares of an East Prussian Childhood: A Memoir of the Russian Occupation. McFarland, 2013.
#134,964 Paid in Kindle Store. B00C7C2EGC

Burt, Else Elfriede. Innocence Lost: A True Story of a Young German Girl Surviving the Horror of the Russian
Advance Westward.
Chapel Rank Publishing, 2011. #156,952 Paid in Kindle Store. B006THSI1Q

Tannehill, Evelyne. Abandoned and Forgotten: An Orphan Girl’s Tale of Surviving During World War II. Wheatmark,
Inc., 2009. #76,665 Paid in Kindle Store. B002AQRZDM


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Year Round Reading Get the scoop from Mr. Media Books about: Why Men Watch Football: A Report From The Couch

 Every weekend in the living rooms of America, from August through January, millions of men are seated in front of their television sets watching college and professional football.

     Meanwhile, others are pouring into stadiums all across the land, a bounce in their step, hope in their heart, and a beer in at least one hand.

     What is it that excites men about football? What the big attraction? Why is it that some men will sit down for three, six, or even nine hours in front of a TV set when football is on, yet they won’t sit still for more than 15 minutes for anything else when they’re home?

     Why is it that some men get so emotionally involved in watching football that they’ll scream, jump up and down, cheer and otherwise act as if they have a screw loose when their team wins—and become upset or even severely depressed when they lose?

     With the help of some of the nation’s leading sports psychologists and sociologists and dozens of male football fans, author Bob Andelman explores the male psyche and arrives at several intriguing and controversial conclusions about why men watch football.


Why Men Watch Football: A Report from the Couch

ISBN: 978-0-9911254-0-1

eBook Price: $4.99

Bob Andelman is the author or co-author of 16 books, including The Wawa Way with Howard Stoeckel, Building Atlanta with Herman J. Russell, Fans Not Customers with Vernon W. Hill, Mind Over Business with Ken Baum, The Consulate with Thomas R. Stutler, The Profiler with Pat Brown, Built from Scratch with the founders of The Home Depot, The Profit Zone with Adrian J. Slywotzky, Mean Business with Albert J. Dunlap, and Will Eisner: A Spirited Life. He is a member in good standing of the American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA) and Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ). Since 2007, he has also been the host and producer of the Mr. Media video podcast interview show.

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Reader Reviews for Carrie Brock’s ‘Heart of the Diamond,’ a regency romance you won’t forget!

Four and a half stars! An excellent story. – Susan Preston

Enchanting and often amusing . . . I would highly recommend to anyone. – Rachel Emily Ellis
An endearing and intriguing fast-paced romance . . . A sweet Regency romance with a cast of entertaining characters. -Tina Williams

Blake Dylan, The Earl of Diamond, has a heart of ice. The time has come for him to return to England and enact his plan of vengeance, even if it means wedding the daughter of his sworn enemy.

Lady Nicole Langley has vowed she will not marry unless for true love. When she is lured into a compromising situation with a handsome stranger her worst nightmare begins.

Now, to save them both, Nicki must wage a campaign to win the heart of the Diamond.

Full of intrigue, secrecy, twists and turns, and ,of course, a love triangle–but not your average, run-of-the-mill, you-know-what’s-coming saga. No, Carrie Brock brings you on an adventure that will keep you immersed in this 1800’s romance novel till the very end . . . Heart of the Diamond was riveting . . .This is definitely one for the book clubs and a must share with your friends.
-Jolene Cecil

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Don’t miss out on Carol McConkie’s debut novel! Reader Reviews for ‘Fat Girl Fairy Boy’

Frieda Kunkelheimer knew she wasn’t welcome in the world from her earliest stirrings. She also knew she was big and ugly, as proclaimed by her grandmother on the day of her birth. Though Frieda Kunkelheimer later blossoms into a beautiful and successful Hollywood film star, it had been determined, even before birth, that she was unwanted and unloved.

En route to a film shoot, the embittered, aging actress known as Frie, and Robin, her phobic, gay makeup artist, survive a plane crash in the jungles of Central America only to be held hostage by El Salvadoran guerrillas. Their self-absorbed lives take a backseat to the events of their capture as a bizarre set of circumstances unfold and kindle courage, compassion, and forgiveness they never thought possible.

‘Fat Girl Fairy Boy’ is written in masterful prose, and filled with rich characters, McConkie mixes irony, humor, and pathos while weaving multifaceted storylines into a wildly entertaining adventure. Few experienced novelists fare as well as McConkie in this debut literary event.

ISBN-13 (eBook):  978-1-938568-19-0

Price: $4.99

Publisher:  Blue Star Books

Publication Date:  4/1/2013


See what readers are saying about the novel:

Wow, just wow! In a little over 200 pages, McConkie created not just one, but two, enormously well-developed and multi-dimensional characters . . . . Self-discovery, character growth, adventure, and survival . . . McConkie’s writing is one of the best I’ve read. She’s eloquent and descriptive in a slightly off-beat manner, but is at the same time succinct and straightforward.
– Kayla Sanchez, Thousand Lives Book Reviews
A book you can’t put down . . . The characters are very compelling and relatable,  you get attached to them within a few chapters into the book. You want to watch them succeed and triumph through their hardships. The book plays almost like a movie. . . . McConkie’s writing has humor mixed with darker undertones, keeping the read interesting and dramatic. . . . It is worth every second you put into it.
– Lauren Simonis
Fascinating characters. . . . very well written with realistic dialog and enticing descriptions.
– Nicole Poweleit
I was drawn into it. . . .The personal histories were very fun to live through, and I loved the cultural nuances. . . .What surprised me most was the character progression by the end. There was a lot of character development, and all of it was believable.
– Katie Cross

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Reader Praise for ‘Eat’ by Dr. Linda R. Harper

For over one hundred years, our culture has promoted dieting—with the goal of losing weight—as the acceptable way to eat. With this aim of weight loss, a diet determines your eating choices and in turn creates a thought system that prevents you from trusting your natural ability to make the right choices about eating. Our inner wisdom, or best self, quietly speaks to us through intuition, gut feelings, physical cravings and thoughts about the present moment, whereas beliefs focused on specific outcomes, such as weight loss-focused dieting, push their way to the forefront of our minds and block our ability to enjoy the present.


Wow! Everyone who has ever had a difficult relationship with food needs to read Eat, Linda R. Harper’s look at the natural relationship between food and our bodies…Harper’s Eat will walk you through how to return to best self eating.

-Jaime Shine

The purpose of this book is to remove the barriers preventing you from accessing and trusting your own best self in choosing and creating each eating experience. Eat provides the tools you need to remove the thoughts that are obstructing your inner wisdom and replace those thoughts with ones that will guide you back to everyday eating choices that stem from your best self. Linda R. Harper’s simple five-step guide will help you access your best self and discover your natural and healthy relationship with food, leaving the rules of dieting behind.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *


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