New Release – Loooking For Love For All the Wrong Places

Book Description:

We all crave and need love. We are starving for love, feel deprived and lonely without it. I will let you on the secret to fill your inner void for love. In this book I will give you a daily thought or idea to awaken the love lying dormant inside you. As we walk around “feeling” like Earthlings… We notice that our feelings are stimulated by those wonderful romantic movies, and those juicy little novels, and even our fantasy-prone, fun loving and creative mind. We tend to forget that life, no matter what aspect of living we may be focused on ‘is About Our Evolution, our evolution to find and give love.

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Looking-for-Love-Complete-Cover-eBook - Copy

Author: Ida Greene, PhD

ISBN:  978-1-881165-25-5

Category: Self Help/Relationship

Price: $3.99

Author Biography:

Dr. Ida Greene is a Relationship Expert, who help people have more fulfilling loving relationships. She is also a Motivational Speaker, Intuitive Energy Healer, Hypnotherapist, Marriage, Family, Child Therapist, Ordained Minister, and Executive Director of Our Place whose mission is to end violence and abuse. She Ida is the author of 20 life changing books, motivational audio cassettes, and CD’s.

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