New Release: Caribbean Sport Fishing

Caribbean Sport Fishing is an all encompassing practical guide to fishing in the Caribbean. It includes the various game fishing found both offshore and in the flats and will appeal to both big game anglers as well as fly fishermen.



Author: Mary L. Peachin

ISBN: 978-0-9911981-2-2

Caribbean sport fly fishing and offshore fishing, nature, conservation, scuba diving, sharks, shark conservation, finning, apex predators, underwater encounters

Price: $7.95

Author Biography: Mary L. Peachin has thirty years of experience of sport fishing, both fly and offshore fishing. She uses this experience to share with anglers where to fish in the Caribbean for both offshore species and those that inhabit the flats. This practical and authoritative guide for anglers will be useful in planning fishing trips to the Caribbean.

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Book Hub Highest Recommendation — Caribbean Scuba Diving

More than nineteen million visitors travel to the Caribbean each year, and scuba diving is one of the notable reasons. Hundreds of species of coral and over 500 species of fish, clear water, sandy bottoms, and relatively shallow depth combine to make local conditions especially interesting for both novice and expert divers.
Scuba is king in these water, and Mary Peachin has written an all-inclusive guide to the many islands in the Caribbean, plus the Bahamas and Bermuda.


Author: Mary L. Peachin

ISBN: 978-0-9911981-1-5

Category: Sports/Recreation: scuba diving, conservation, guide book, Caribbean, water sports, diving

Price: $7.95

Biography: Mary L. Peachin is an advanced open water certified scuba diver with 35 years of experience exploring the top diving destination around the world. She is also an award-winning freelance adventure writer and photographer. She is the author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Sharks, Sharks: The Sleek and the Savage, Scuba Caribbean, Sport Fishing in the Caribbean, Underwater Encounters: What you Should Know about Sharks, and Caribbean Sport Fishing. She has also written freelance articles for numerous magazines and newspapers.

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Buy This Amazing Eco-Thriller from New Zealand Author

The Minke Connection 

Greenpeace discover that the Japanese research whaling fleet are killing more than the Minke whale. They send American born Canadian John Daroux, lecturer and adventurer, and Carrie Ardley, whale researcher, to investigate. Boarding the factory ship in mid ocean, John finds irrefutable evidence, almost loses his life and becomes Carrie’s lover. Together, John and Carrie go to Tokyo where they evade being poisoned, survive being frozen alive and endure being followed by the dreaded Yakusa. The arrival of Greenpeace chief, Mark Stafford, and his beautiful associate, Petra van de Roer, initiates a counter attack that requires John and Carrie to act as bait. Desperate measures are called for as they endeavour to outwit Takeshi Fujiwara, leader of the cult, League of Blood. John and Carrie are captured and tortured. Time is critical. John Daroux must use all his wits and knowledge to save the Sperm whales and himself. Can they succeed?


ISBN: 9781310959745

Fiction: Eco-Thriller

eBook Price: $0.99

Murray Kibblewhite: 

Originally from Masterton, a small farming town, Murray Kibblewhite moved to Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, to complete his B.Com from Victoria University.  He then shifted to Auckland where he has lived for the last forty years.

Murray is an author, teacher and businessman and his short stories are available free from Smashwords. His first novel, a thriller, “The Minke Connection”, is available in hard copy from Lulu and e-Book format through Smashwords.

Review1: I have just finished reading The Minke Connection and was blown away. The writing was fine, and there are some very strong high points in this book. The inter play between the personalities of the hero and heroine is nicely put together and the outcome was unexpected. The sub plots, particularly with the whales and dolphins, were of great interest. An excellent read.

Review2: The Minke Connection was an interesting and major saga with many twists and turns and complex interweaving of the main plot and sub-plots. I was impressed by the authenticity of the information which indicated substantial research. I particularly enjoyed the scenes set in Tokyo as they felt authentic. I look forward to reading the next book.

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BOOK REVIEW: Adam Soul’s ‘Answer to the Riddle of 666’

A thought-provoking book which seeks to give the reader a new take on the mark of the beast.      – Lynn Evans

An adventure through a completely different mindset…what this author has written should be read by every person who calls themselves a Christian…Adam Soul combines the sciences we know with biblical references and gives us a look at this number that no one has ever seen before.       – Colleen Johnson


ImageBackwards Bound Publishing, 2013
ISBN (eBook): 9780980247213
Genre: Biblical Interpretation, Commentary, Current Events, Environment/Conservation

In his book, Adam Soul renders a compelling interpretation to the riddle of 666 that is based on science, the Bible, and common knowledge that the people of Earth have today. Soul shows how the answer is not about an antichrist, but is rather an ancient message sent to give mankind one last chance to survive the future. From this ancient message, Soul develops a simple 18-step plan for survival that he calls “The Vision of Backwards Bound.” Soul’s interpretation is not satanic in any way, but in the third part of his book, Adam Soul does make a plea to the religious realms to see the wisdom of the message in the riddle and to change accordingly. The verse begins with the words “Here is wisdom.”

Discover for yourself the wisdom of the riddle and the road to life for the future of all mankind…

For more, check out the author’s interview with Other World Radio.

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Issues and Ideas – Author Dr. Thomas Lister on award-winning “Man’s Greatest Fear”

Book Hub Inc. Issues and Ideas #1: Introduction

Interview with Dr. Thomas Lister, author of award-winning book “Man’s Greatest Fear: The Final Phase of Human Evolution”

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Looking for Book Reviewers and Author Interviewers!

Discover Man’s Greatest Fear!

Dr. Thomas M. Lister’s award-winning new book Man’s Greatest Fear: The Final Phase of Human Evolution is open to review!


  • Timely in domestic and international politics – relevant to current affairs
  • An intriguing topic sure to become a springboard for conversation
  • Enjoyable read for a wide-ranging audience
  • Dr. Lister’s outgoing, engaging, and energetic personality makes him an ideal candidate to interview.

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Award-Winning “Man’s Greatest Fear: The Final Phase of Evolution”

Book Hub, Inc. is thrilled to announce
Dr. Thomas M. Lister’s award-winning
Man’s Greatest Fear: The Final Phase of Human Evolution,
brought to you by Athena Books!

Award-winner in the Best New eBook Non-Fiction category of the 2012 International Book Awards and in the Psychology category of Dan Poynter’s Global eBook Awards, Dr. Lister’s Man’s Greatest Fear is a must-read for anyone who cares about the survival of humankind on our planet.

Dr. Lister’s work examines man’s biological aggression and affinity for power that leads to his need to conquer his environment. This thought-provoking analysis of man’s destructive behavior throughout history looks at current political events coupled with extensive scientific and historical research. Lister argues achievable solutions through the inclusion of women and environmentally-conscious males in leadership roles.

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  • Timely in domestic and international politics – relevant to current affairs
  • Intriguing topic sure to become a springboard for conversation
  • Enjoyable read for a wide audience
  • See what others are saying about Man’s Greatest Fear

Meet the Author

Meet psychologist, educator, and author Dr. Thomas M. Lister, Ed.D.

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