In Memorium: Romance Fiction Author JoAnn DeLazzari

In honor of one of our authors that has recently passed, we’d like to highlight ‘Addicted,’ author JoAnn DeLazzari’s most recent work.

ImageDeLazzari worked in banking for seventeen years, owned a bookstore for nine, and spent eight years as an administrative assistant for Healing the Children. When not writing, DeLazzari worked full time, fished whenever possible with her husband Tom of forty-five years, and read, researched and learned. In addition to ‘Addicted’ and ‘The Rebel’s Bride,’ DeLazzari is the author of four novels that will be posthumously published through Blue Star Books.

An immensely talented writer of both contemporary and historical romance, DeLazzari’s stories never failed to capture readers and take them on a thrilling adventure until the very last page.


Praise for her work:

“‘Addicted’ is addictive! An amazing passionate romance, suspense, and thriller that definitely keeps the reader on their toes throughout. JoAnn DeLazzari has completely filled this novel with excitement, adventure, fear, fun and action . . .. I was gripped throughout and did not want to put the book down.”

“This is well written, well plotted, and an all around good story. I would recommend it to anyone.”

“A steamy romantic suspense that delves into the dark and dangerous world of drug trafficking and corruption at the highest level. At its heart is a passionate love affair between two people who are unexpectedly thrown together in their quest for justice. I found this to be a much hotter read than many others in this genre . . . The complex plot includes violence and action, subterfuge, kidnap and many nail-biting scenes . . . The reader is kept guessing as . . . the plot goes through many unexpected twists and turns before the tale reaches its climax . . . I recommend this book to readers who like to read an action packed and sensual romantic suspense, with an alpha hero and a feisty heroine.”

“YEEEESSSS!!! I don’t know what to say! I truly didn’t expect this when I started reading this book, but once I started it was hard to put it down.  JoAnn DeLazzari really did it when she wrote this book!  Addicted was exciting, suspenseful, and an overall good book to read!! JoAnne Delazzari has outdone herself in this page-turning story.”

“A wonderfully well written book filled with spice, spirit, and sexual tension.”

R. I. P. JoAnn DeLazzari