MEMOIR: ‘I, Laura: The Story of a Kansas Family’

“The story of the successes and struggles of this Kansas family is
a fascinating insight into turn-of-the-century heartland America and all that its inhabitants handled…”



Schmid Hogan’s memoir is hard to put down; the chapters seem to race through increasingly harrowing tales of survival and sweeping range in which the family plants itself firmly in Kansas. The beautifully described farmland and solid structure of the home in which Laura grew up in evokes a nostalgic ache for four scores past in which there was little modern technology, little medicine, and little legroom – a memoir in which the Schmid family survived the trials of the elements and of each other in the delightfully scenic backdrop of Kansas.

                     – Elizabeth Vosk, Bibliophile Betty Book Reviews


“I, Laura” is the autobiography of Laura Schmid Hogan, detailing her life in a family of 17 and the hardships of growing up in Western Kansas in the 1920’s, 30’s, and 40’s. In a time before modern conveniences amidst the backdrop of American farm life, Laura survived , and thrived, through a lifetime of heartbreak and tragedy with the help of her faith and her mother’s words of wisdom: “The Lord never promised life would be easy!”


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