eBook Conversion: Price Reduced!

We have reduced our prices for eBook conversion, as well as a whole list of other services, including book cover design, editing, book reviews, and more! We offer package deals, volume discounts, and distribution agreements that include cover design, conversion, upload, distribution, marketing and sales reporting, for only $225!

At Book Hub, we like to give authors simple options and affordable, competitive pricing, and we believe in providing quality service.

We publish fiction, non-fiction, poetry, young adult, romance, self-help, cooking, travel, guide/how-to, spirituality and religion, graphic novels, education, health and fitness, popular culture, photography books, and many more.

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About Us

Book Hub Inc. is a rapidly growing eBook publishing and distribution company looking to form long-lasting relationships with both emerging and established authors and publishers, book reviewers, and avid readers.

Over the last five years we have been leaders in eBook production, design, and customer service in the transitioning eBook publishing industry. We specialize in eBook publishing, including formatting and conversion, eBook distribution to major eBook retail accounts like Apple, Amazon, Sony, Google, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble, eMarketing programs, editing and book design, and all sales operations tasks, including reporting.

While we offer effective eMarketing strategies for authors and small publishers, and an array of both eBook and traditional book publishing services, most importantly we offer a resource for readers and reviewers to discover new and upcoming authors!

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