BOOK REVIEW: ‘Family Secrets’ by Candice Kohl

This dramatic tale has it all: passion, betrayal, deception, forgiveness and a glimpse into the unconditional ties that bind a family together. . . .



     Esther Brown’s family is falling apart around her. Widowed and re-married with two daughters, Esther is unable to control her eldest daughter Geneva’s wayward ways and sends Geneva to live with her aunt and her aunt’s husband in Ivy Glen, a small town outside Chicago. Esther’s attempt to find salvation for her child sets in motion a series of dramatic events that tests the bonds of one family as they discover ‘Family Secrets.’

     Based on fact, ‘Family Secrets’ is set in a 1920’s Chicago suburb and told from the perspectives of multiple family members. This dramatic tale has it all: passion, betrayal, deception, forgiveness and a glimpse into the unconditional ties that bind a family together.


“‘Family Secrets’ is a very well written story, thoroughly describing the internal struggle of each character, how each wishes for their own desires, dreams and love. . . Once picked-up this book was near impossible to put away. Each page left you craving for more.”     -Lara Girdler, NCReaderGirl Reviews


“This book. . .had its fair share of, ahem, romance, but it was so much more than that. The story is full of heartbreak and, as you may have guessed, family secrets . . . The storyline definitely kept my attention, I connected with the characters, and the inference of several family secrets made me propel through the book quickly.”     -Carissa A.


“You felt for the characters that Kohl has created…There are surprises and tears along the way in this novel. I personally love books that start in the present, but tells you stories of the past (1920s) without getting you lost. Kohl did this beautifully. I highly recommend this book.”     -Teresa Cross


“Kohl articulates [the characters’] pain and passions beautifully…touches on ancient themes and emotions of first love, lost love and forbidden love. Combined with adultery, betrayal and necessary obligations, it makes for an enticing read.”     -Michelle Loh


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MEMOIR: ‘I, Laura: The Story of a Kansas Family’

“The story of the successes and struggles of this Kansas family is
a fascinating insight into turn-of-the-century heartland America and all that its inhabitants handled…”



Schmid Hogan’s memoir is hard to put down; the chapters seem to race through increasingly harrowing tales of survival and sweeping range in which the family plants itself firmly in Kansas. The beautifully described farmland and solid structure of the home in which Laura grew up in evokes a nostalgic ache for four scores past in which there was little modern technology, little medicine, and little legroom – a memoir in which the Schmid family survived the trials of the elements and of each other in the delightfully scenic backdrop of Kansas.

                     – Elizabeth Vosk, Bibliophile Betty Book Reviews


“I, Laura” is the autobiography of Laura Schmid Hogan, detailing her life in a family of 17 and the hardships of growing up in Western Kansas in the 1920’s, 30’s, and 40’s. In a time before modern conveniences amidst the backdrop of American farm life, Laura survived , and thrived, through a lifetime of heartbreak and tragedy with the help of her faith and her mother’s words of wisdom: “The Lord never promised life would be easy!”


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