New Release: Birds of Spirit – A Novel of Intrigue

 Birds of Spirit is a novel about love of land and family, betrayal and hope in an increasingly destructive world.  Amie  Fotheringay, a widow with a child, is determined to nurture her husband’s memory and her child back to health.  When Amie and David Fochs enter the spirit world, the betrayals are avenged, and Amie Fotheringay Fochs is revealed as the archangel of judgment in heaven and on earth.


 ISBN: 978-0-9895694-5-3

Price: $3.99

Format: eBook

Category: Fiction/Mystery

Biography:  Terry Wiemuth Michelsen is the author of Soaring on Wings of Word (April, 2012), her debut book of poetry. Her poetry has been published in Mused-Bella Online Literary Review. Her debut semi-autobiographical memoir, Raging River, was also published in 2012. Her historical scholarship was published in Women Building Chicago 1790-1990 (2001), edited by Shultz and Hast, and was cited in Good Hearts (2006) by Suellen Hoy. Her book reviews on academic advising have been published in NACADA.

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