Don’t miss out on Carol McConkie’s debut novel! Reader Reviews for ‘Fat Girl Fairy Boy’

Frieda Kunkelheimer knew she wasn’t welcome in the world from her earliest stirrings. She also knew she was big and ugly, as proclaimed by her grandmother on the day of her birth. Though Frieda Kunkelheimer later blossoms into a beautiful and successful Hollywood film star, it had been determined, even before birth, that she was unwanted and unloved.

En route to a film shoot, the embittered, aging actress known as Frie, and Robin, her phobic, gay makeup artist, survive a plane crash in the jungles of Central America only to be held hostage by El Salvadoran guerrillas. Their self-absorbed lives take a backseat to the events of their capture as a bizarre set of circumstances unfold and kindle courage, compassion, and forgiveness they never thought possible.

‘Fat Girl Fairy Boy’ is written in masterful prose, and filled with rich characters, McConkie mixes irony, humor, and pathos while weaving multifaceted storylines into a wildly entertaining adventure. Few experienced novelists fare as well as McConkie in this debut literary event.

ISBN-13 (eBook):  978-1-938568-19-0

Price: $4.99

Publisher:  Blue Star Books

Publication Date:  4/1/2013


See what readers are saying about the novel:

Wow, just wow! In a little over 200 pages, McConkie created not just one, but two, enormously well-developed and multi-dimensional characters . . . . Self-discovery, character growth, adventure, and survival . . . McConkie’s writing is one of the best I’ve read. She’s eloquent and descriptive in a slightly off-beat manner, but is at the same time succinct and straightforward.
– Kayla Sanchez, Thousand Lives Book Reviews
A book you can’t put down . . . The characters are very compelling and relatable,  you get attached to them within a few chapters into the book. You want to watch them succeed and triumph through their hardships. The book plays almost like a movie. . . . McConkie’s writing has humor mixed with darker undertones, keeping the read interesting and dramatic. . . . It is worth every second you put into it.
– Lauren Simonis
Fascinating characters. . . . very well written with realistic dialog and enticing descriptions.
– Nicole Poweleit
I was drawn into it. . . .The personal histories were very fun to live through, and I loved the cultural nuances. . . .What surprised me most was the character progression by the end. There was a lot of character development, and all of it was believable.
– Katie Cross

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