Gofundme and Rockethub: Keep the funding going for the Book Hub blog!

As the Book Hub community grows larger, we are continuing to look for funding for our blog and our marketing staff. The support we have already received from our indiegogo account has been extremely helpful and greatly appreciated. We have two more sites that you can donate to in order to help the Book Hub blog and community.

 Image        Gofundme is a great aid in providing funds to both businesses and individuals. Our account with the site is ongoing and we will keep it up until we reach our $2,000 goal. Click on the logo above to learn more.


Rockethub is a fantastic crowdfunding site that specifically supports many startup businesses like Book Hub Inc. We would like to reach our goal of $2,000 by September 1st through this site. Click on the logo above to learn more about our cause on Rockethub.

We love offering opportunities, and information about our company on this blog. With your support, we can continue to keep the blog going strong. You can help this community through a donation or by spreading the word about Book Hub Inc. and our blog. We are also offering rewards in the form of free eBooks depending on how much you donate.

Once again, Book Hub Inc. would like to thank all of our followers for their continuous support. We will continue to offer book reviews, sales, and services through this blog.

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