New Poems: Tommy L. Thomas’s ‘Jehovah God: Poems to Light the Road to Everlasting Life’

ImageTommy L. Thomas’s inspirational collection of poems offer heartfelt expressions of praise, bringing the reader closer to a new understanding of and an improved spiritual intimacy with God. His words bring blessings of good health, emotional stability, and spiritual guidance.

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     Tommy L. Thomas was born on a plantation in Quitman, Georgia. Through many trials and tribulations, Jehovah God has brought him through the pains of extreme poverty, hunger, and a number of other harrowing adversities.
     After graduating Magna Cum Laude from Central Michigan University and carrying a 4.0 in post graduate work at Marygrove College, Thomas worked for Ford Motor Company and the City of Detroit. He is an ordained minister of Jehovah’s Witnesses and has been preaching His word for over forty years.
     Thomas is a father of two daughters and three sons, a novelist, poet, screenwriter and stage play writer.