Exciting New Reads from Blue Star Books: Regency/Historical Romance ‘The Rebel’s Bride’ by JoAnn DeLazzari

The last thing Ransom Kent wants is a bride. A woman cost him his peerage and his family in England. Now a rebel with a dangerous job to do for his adopted country, Ransom Kent’s word is all he has left to honor his father and so he agrees to an arranged marriage to the scandalous daughter of a duke.

Catherine Thorpe has no expectations of marriage in England and owes much to her cousin. She agrees to take her place as the expected bride and sails to a new life. She doesn’t believe her impersonation will lead to romance and true love, but she didn’t expect to become the Rebel’s Bride.

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A wonderfully well written book filled with spice, spirit, and sexual tension.  
– Five Stars, Affaire de Coeur

Another great read…kept me up all night. I loved it!  
– B.K. Wines

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