NEW RELEASE: Peter Berman’s Crime Novel ‘Hidden Agenda’ Receives Five Stars!

     Jeremy Hart, a senior prosecutor in the LA District Attorney’s office, is a young widower whose grief counselor sends him to a charity party to jump-start his social life. At the party, he meets Claire, a young married woman with two small children who is trapped in a loveless marriage to Peter, a very wealthy and abusive man. When a courtship develops between Jeremy and Claire, Claire’s violent husband Peter discovers the affair. After a brutal beating, Claire confides to Jeremy that she believes that Peter is planning on taking her life.
     When Claire’s husband is found shot to death in the driveway of his home, detective Ulysses S. Gibson and his partner Jennifer Donahue are called to investigate the murder. For the prosecutor, the crime is an easy conviction when all the leads of the investigation point to Jeremy.
     For detectives Gibson and Donahue, nothing is so obvious. How are these individuals connected? And what of the death of Jeremy’s wife, Elizabeth, years go? Gibson and Donahue keep the scales of justice in balance as they discover everyone’s ‘Hidden Agenda.’


Peter Berman has created a silver screen-worthy novel of crime, courtroom drama, twists and turns…a credit to Berman’s genius…From the first to the last page, Hidden Agenda rivals any of the works by John Grisham or James Patterson. This is absolutely a great read for fans of police and courtroom dramas.
Rachel Storey, Storey on a Story Book Reviews


This book is like watching a train wreck. You don’t want to see what’s going on, you don’t want to know any more, but you just can’t tear yourself away and stop looking…I devoured it….It’s intriguing, beguiling and I was suspicious about everyone until the very end. No-one seemed to be who you start off thinking they are…This whole book was fabulous. I want to read it again…READ THIS BOOK!
Elaine W.