Lady Amelie Wainwoode’s secret identity is secure until the arrival of the scandalous Lord Stratfield. Determined to protect her good name and clandestine art career, she counters his blackmail. Now she must leave the sanctuary of her aunt’s home in London for his estate at White Ash to fulfill the bargain. Her presence unveils more than the hushed history which binds their families.

David Ambrose, Lord Stratfield, has endured deceit, censure and scandals. Even so, he does not hesitate to manipulate rumors of his disreputable behavior to his best advantage. He gives the daughter of the man he loathed for years no choice—comply with his plans and accept his terms or he will expose and ruin her.


Publisher: Blue Star Books

Publication Date: 7/24/2013

ISBN-13(e-book): 9781938568145

Price: $2.99

A writer for most of her life, Sharon Sobel is the author of several novels, short stories, and works of fiction. She earned her Ph.D. in English Language and Literature from Brandeis University and is currently a pofessor of English at Norwalk Community College in Conneticut. Business and pleasure have taken her and her husband and their three children on travels throughout the world, where she does research for her writing. She serves on the board of the local Historical Society and the Lower New York (COLONY) Chapter of Romance Writers of America.


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