Praise for Dr. Linda R. Harper’s “Eat”

EAT: A Guide to Discovering Your Natural Relationship with Food
Linda R. Harper, Ph.D.

For over one hundred years, our culture has promoted dieting—with the goal of losing weight—as the acceptable way to eat. With this aim of weight loss, a diet determines your eating choices and in turn creates a thought system that prevents you from trusting your natural ability to make the right choices about eating. Our inner wisdom, or best self, quietly speaks to us through intuition, gut feelings, physical cravings and thoughts about the present moment, whereas beliefs focused on specific outcomes, such as weight loss-focused dieting, push their way to the forefront of our minds and block our ability to enjoy the present. The purpose of this book is to remove the barriers preventing you from accessing and trusting your own best self in choosing and creating each eating experience.
Eat provides the tools you need to remove the thoughts that are obstructing your inner wisdom and replace those thoughts with ones that will guide you back to everyday eating choices that stem from your best self. Linda R. Harper’s simple five-step guide will help you access your best self and discover your natural and healthy relationship with food, leaving the rules of dieting behind.


Praise for “Eat”!

I choose to read “Eat” by Dr. Linda R. Harper because I am always trying to lose 10 pounds.  I thought this would be another dry reading nutritional diet book.  I was pleasantly surprised that it was light and easy to read. Dr. Harper puts dieting into perspective by advising us to “let go of thoughts of dieting and forbidden foods”.  She provides you with steps that will make you look at eating in a whole new light.  She wants you to enjoy your eating experience not starve yourself. . . They need to know there is another way to get past all the diet mumbo jumbo and starvation and begin to enjoy their meals; “Eat” will help them do that.                                                                                                – Jan Harris

A seemingly interesting concept put to paper – the very idea of this book goes against every diet rhetoric on the market . . . This book gives us the tools to change that [dieting] mentality – she is basically telling us, or rather giving us permission to ditch all diets and the rules associated with them and latch onto yourself, allowing you to make the decisions.  She assumes we already possess the required tools- we just need the instruction manual.  Eat: A Guide to Rediscovering Your Natural Relationship with Food, by Linda R. Harder, Ph.D. is just the manual needed. . .For anyone struggling with the path of dieting I recommend this book highly. . . [the dieter] will be able to identify with the examples and will begin to transform their unhealthy relationship with themselves and food into a healthy one.
                                                                          – Lara Girdler, NCReaderGirl Book Reviews

I would recommend that anyone with an unhealthy food relationship read Eat . . . Harper makes some excellent points. . . I’m happier and much healthier!
                                                                                            – Kristy Feltenberger Gillespie 

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