The Mysterious Tale of the ‘Hidden Agenda’ By Peter Berman

Peter Berman was appointed a Deputy District Attorney in Los Angeles in July of 1973. After ten years of working as a trial attorney, he was promoted to Head Deputy District Attorney and during this phase of his career, he oversaw the daily operations of the District Attorney’s Office in three separate branch courthouses. Concurrent with his career as a prosecutor, he was also lecturer and professor of criminal law. Berman has testified before numerous legislative committees and his work as a Deputy District Attorney has been profiled on several television shows. He has received a Citations of Recognition from the LA County Board of Supervisors, the Directors Recognition Award from the US Secret Service, and Awards of Merit from numerous law enforcement agencies. In 2008, Berman was honored by the LAPD as Reserve Officer of the Year. He is currently a Specialist Volunteer with the LAPD in the Robbery-Homicide Division, Cold Case Specials Unit, where he investigates unsolved homicide cases.

Publisher: Cassandra Publishing Inc.
Publication Date: 4/19/2013
ISBN-13(e-book): 9789606707131
Price: $6.99

Jeremy Hart, a senior prosecutor in the LA District Attorney’s office, is a young widower whose grief counselor sends him to a charity party to jump-start his social life. At the party, he meets Claire, a young married woman with two small children who is trapped in a loveless marriage to Peter, a very wealthy and abusive man. When a courtship develops between Jeremy and Claire, Claire’s violent husband Peter discovers the affair. After a brutal beating, Claire confides to Jeremy that she believes that Peter is planning on taking her life.When Claire’s husband is found shot to death in the driveway of his home, detective Ulysses S. Gibson and his partner Jennifer Donahue are called to investigate the murder. For the prosecutor, the crime is an easy conviction when all the leads of the investigation point to Jeremy.For detectives Gibson and Donahue, nothing is so obvious. How are these individuals connected? And what of the death of Jeremy’s wife, Elizabeth, years go? Gibson and Donahue keep the scales of justice in balance as they discover everyone’s Hidden Agenda.

Book Reviews:

“This book is outrageously clever, witty, charming and like one of those mysterious men you read about in romance novels. You have no clue how to work them out, but you like it. And they are full of surprises!”

-Elle Lainey

“I loved the book. The story took a lot of twists and turns. After I finished it there were many days I could n ot stop thinking about how it all worked out and wondered about the finish. I had to find another book to stop thinking about the book. I understand there is another book coming and I can’t wait to read it. Great job Peter.”

-Caroline Durst


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BLUE STAR BOOKS is Proud to Announce the Release of ‘ADDICTED’ by JoAnn DeLazzari

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Renowned investigative journalist Nikki Bradley is at the height of her career. When she tenaciously braves the remote jungles of Columbia on an assignment with personal motives, her profession seems to become less important. After her brother dies of an expected cocaine overdose, Nikki has one thing on her mind: to find the man responsible for her brother’s death, expose him, and ruin him.

Her dangerous traipse through the jungle on a quest to avenge her brother’s death brings her face to face with one of Columbia’s biggest cocaine operations. When she is caught taking pictures on the outskirts of the camp, she is taken prisoner by one of the leaders, a menacing drug trafficker determined to claim her as his own. An innocent pawn in a deadly game at the mercy of her captor, a mysterious and impossibly handsome man named King, Nikki must decide whether to abort her mission and surrender, or risk her life to expose her brother’s killer.

“Addicted’ is a thrilling, suspenseful story of political conspiracy, drama, and passion set in both the steamy tropics of South America and the urban worlds of Puerto Rico and Los Angeles.

Meet the Author

DeLazzari worked in banking for seventeen years, owned a bookstore for nine, and has spent eight years as an administrative assistant for Healing the Children. When not writing, DeLazzari works full time, fishes whenever possible with her husband Tom of forty-five years, and still keeps reading, researching and learning. DeLazzari is the author of four novels.


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