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The Minke Connection 

Greenpeace discover that the Japanese research whaling fleet are killing more than the Minke whale. They send American born Canadian John Daroux, lecturer and adventurer, and Carrie Ardley, whale researcher, to investigate. Boarding the factory ship in mid ocean, John finds irrefutable evidence, almost loses his life and becomes Carrie’s lover. Together, John and Carrie go to Tokyo where they evade being poisoned, survive being frozen alive and endure being followed by the dreaded Yakusa. The arrival of Greenpeace chief, Mark Stafford, and his beautiful associate, Petra van de Roer, initiates a counter attack that requires John and Carrie to act as bait. Desperate measures are called for as they endeavour to outwit Takeshi Fujiwara, leader of the cult, League of Blood. John and Carrie are captured and tortured. Time is critical. John Daroux must use all his wits and knowledge to save the Sperm whales and himself. Can they succeed?


ISBN: 9781310959745

Fiction: Eco-Thriller

eBook Price: $0.99

Murray Kibblewhite: 

Originally from Masterton, a small farming town, Murray Kibblewhite moved to Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, to complete his B.Com from Victoria University.  He then shifted to Auckland where he has lived for the last forty years.

Murray is an author, teacher and businessman and his short stories are available free from Smashwords. His first novel, a thriller, “The Minke Connection”, is available in hard copy from Lulu and e-Book format through Smashwords.

Review1: I have just finished reading The Minke Connection and was blown away. The writing was fine, and there are some very strong high points in this book. The inter play between the personalities of the hero and heroine is nicely put together and the outcome was unexpected. The sub plots, particularly with the whales and dolphins, were of great interest. An excellent read.

Review2: The Minke Connection was an interesting and major saga with many twists and turns and complex interweaving of the main plot and sub-plots. I was impressed by the authenticity of the information which indicated substantial research. I particularly enjoyed the scenes set in Tokyo as they felt authentic. I look forward to reading the next book.

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CHILDREN’S eBOOK: ‘The Island Treasure Hunt’ by Larry Powalisz


The Island Treasure Hunt
Larry Powalisz
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Aloha Jack and Sammy, along with their lovable dog Coco, go to the beach expecting a wonderful day of surfing and playing in the deep blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. Instead, they find a treasure map that leads them on an adventure to Haleakala National Park on the beautiful Hawaiian Island of Maui. During their quest, Aloha Jack and Sammy face the dilemma of doing the right thing, something many of us face in our daily lives. Will they make the right decision?



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