NEW ROMANCE: ‘Heart of the Diamond’ by Carrie Brock

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One of the best historical novels I’ve ever read! The hero is all I can imagine in a lover. A wonderful mixture of intrigue and romance.     -Toni Standley

Great characters. Great fun. i loved it!     -Paula Detmer Riggs, Taming the Night

I love this book–I couldn’t put it down.     -Mary Miller

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Blake Dylan, The Earl of Diamond, has a heart of ice. The time has come for him to return to England and enact his plan of vengeance, even if it means wedding the daughter of his sworn enemy.

Lady Nicole Langley has vowed she will not marry unless for true love. When she is lured into a compromising situation with a handsome stranger her worst nightmare begins.

Now, to save them both, Nicki must wage a campaign to win the heart of the Diamond.


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5 thoughts on “NEW ROMANCE: ‘Heart of the Diamond’ by Carrie Brock

    • Okay, I started reading it last night and love it so far. However, it’s causing me frustration since I’m not able to read at the moment. I’m about 3/4 through, really good.

      • I thought the book was lovely. Very romantic. Great book to read over the weekend with a nice bottle of wine to keep you company. Enjoyed.

      • We’re so glad you enjoyed it! If you liked “Heart of the Diamond,” you might check out “Knight’s Desire” by Elizabeth Taylor George or “Destiny’s Disguise” by Candice Kohl. Both are similar and great reads as well if you’re interested 🙂

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